“Acting Out offers many things.  My child was given audition preparation and MORE.  The classes offer students an understanding of non-verbal communication in a group setting, the need for trust among actors on the stage.  My child learned the nuance of delivering a serious piece while laughing.  The groups have made her aware of interpersonal communication. The instruction here is not just preparation for auditions and performances.  The children are learning to be members of a community.  So much in our contemporary world moves our children away from each other.  This place, these classes, teach our children how to be with each other instead of alone, or behind a screen.” – G.G.

Acting Out prides ourselves on teaching our students not only the skills they need to excel in their craft (be it acting, singing, and/or musical theatre), but also on developing our students as confident individuals: helping them grow both personally and professionally. We are delighted to share the many treasured “Thank-You’s” we’ve received over the years from dozens of parents and students. In turn, we want to thank all of you for letting us be an important part of your lives!

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We have lots of very exciting things happening here at Acting Out! and we are equally as excited to share them with the rest of the world. From time to time we'll post news and goings-ons for our young acting community! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!