Frederica Johnson

“My son Derek is heading to Broadway (Simba, The Lion King) thanks to Ms. Roberta and her talented staff. My son could not have accomplished his goal if it wasn’t for Acting Out. If your child’s desire is to sing or act, Acting Out will make it happen!”


Cynthia V.

“My daughter has learning difficulties; needless to say she struggles throughout the year in school, and her confidence level and self esteem are low. This summer instead of concentrating our efforts into tutoring sessions during the summer, we decided to let her do something she loves. We were hesitant walking in through the doors of ACTING OUT! Myself, as a mom of a struggling kid, only hoped that she would find a place that made her happy. My daughter, being accustomed to disappointment, shielded herself with an “I don’t care” attitude. Five weeks later, her transformation is amazing! Roberta and Vera gave me my little girl back! What a difference ACTING OUT has made in her life…she walks straighter, talks more confidently and is starting to love herself more and discover her talents!! If your child loves to act, sing and dance, the staff at ACTING OUT! will make them shine!!”


Pat Belous

“Both of my children attend Acting Out! My daughter has been attending Acting Out! for the past six years and my son for the past four years. Over the years they have had many accomplishments because of the wonderful staff at Acting Out! They have trained them to be the actors they are today. My son was accepted into the drama program at Mark Twain. My daughter was also accepted into the drama program at Mark Twain and with continued training, she later got accepted into the drama program at LaGuardia High School, which is no small feat. She has also been cast in an independent film and is so grateful to all her teachers for all their love and support. She is so thankful for the opportunity to be assistant teaching this year at Acting Out!. The teachers at Acting Out are truly top-quality professionals with the knowledge, passion and drive to help any kid succeed.”


Trudi Rosenblum

“My daughter is now a professional actress with Broadway and TV credits, thanks to the wonderful training she got at Acting Out! Acting Out! is an amazing, top-notch place for children and teens to learn acting, singing, or musical theatre. The teachers are professional, experienced, fun, and great with kids. Acting Out! offers all levels of classes. So for a shy child who wants to try acting for the first time, there are warm, nurturing beginner classes that offer a safe space to explore their creativity and kind teachers who make a child feel welcome and bring them out of their shell. But for more experienced, talented children who are genuinely serious about pursuing a career in the performing arts, there are advanced classes that challenge them and take them to the next level, training them to be professional actors and singers. My daughter continues to take lessons there, and we ALWAYS go to Acting Out! for private audition coaching before any important audition. We love Acting Out!”


Joan Wargo

“I was so impressed — not just with the quality of the production but especially with the kids. What really struck me was that they are clearly being trained to play a character — whereas so many productions at this age level look like kids having memorized lines and going through the motions, the kids were really in character, something that they obviously owe to good coaching! I also thought the format was great — short pieces that gave all the kids a chance to play a lead part, rather than one big play where most are supporting characters. Thanks again — Andrew has had a really great experience this year.”


Julie Sikar

“The most dedicated, honest, sincere and of course talented teacher[s] you will ever meet. I am so happy I found you five years ago. My older daughter got into Murrow High School Drama with your help. Now it’s her younger brother enjoying the drama and vocal classes and his favorite is being a part of “The Triple Threat Troupe”. I have to say I was skeptical about my sons abilities to act; I thought he was too shy and his speech is not always clear. Ms. Roberta has proved me wrong, very wrong. Acting Out has some of the best teachers; they really care about their students and I am so happy that we are a part of it. And it’s never about the money. The fees are very reasonable and the teachers all put extra time in with no extra pay. It’s obvious that they love what they do.”


Elaine Finazzo

“I am so proud that my daughter Marisa has been part of the “Acting Out Family” for the past six years. Through Acting Out, she has grown to be a confident and wonderful actress. Thanks to Acting Out, Marisa was cast in an independent film which won “Best Feature Film”at the East Harlem International Film Festival. The audition prep program successfully helped her get through the grueling high school auditions. She now attends Edward R. Murrow High School and is in the theatre program. The Acting Out staff is the best, we love them all!”


Marisa Finazzo (Elaine’s Daughter)

“Acting Out is amazing!!!! We learn a lot and have fun at the same time. I discovered a love for acting I didn’t know I had. Acting Out helped me with monologues that got me into Mark Twain’s drama program and Edward R. Murrow’s theatre program. I was also in an independent film because of Acting Out. Thanks to Acting Out for all their encouragement and support it means so much to me.”


Elise Z

“I knew I had made the right decision to have her train for her high school auditions at Acting Out . When a teacher connects with a child and knows how to bring out the best in them, I have a deep respect for them and the work they do. That includes all of the teachers from Acting Out that have worked and continue to work with my daughter. Julia continues to learn and grow and most importantly, have fun at Acting Out. To put it in her own words, ‘Now, that’s what acting class should be!'”


Irina Kogan

“My son began with Acting Out classes about five years ago, as a shy 9-year-old. I soon understood that this group of kids , as well as the teachers, became his extended family. He received more than just acting lessons there. Thanks to Ms.Roberta, Mr. John and Ms. Autumn, he got into Mark Twain JHS for drama talent. But that is not all. Ms. Roberta as well as her staff are wonderful teachers as well as mentors and friends for my son. They care and nurture these children. It was more than just another fun after school activity. They were a family. I was very happy that my son had these educators as his role models during the formative years. I will forever be grateful to Acting Out for the confidence they gave him.”


Denise Scotto

“I was not sure what to expect when I took my daughter to register for drama classes at Acting Out. She was only eight years old and I never had experience with an acting school. I guess I thought they would put on a cute play at the end of the year and it was just a fun activity for her to be involved in. Was I wrong! After the end of the year show, I was blown away. I could not believe what a great performance it was. I was equally impressed at the amount of kids that were involved with Acting Out and how talented they were. I was also amazed at how the Acting Out team had so many kids in one place working together, showing respect for one another, and cheering each other on. After that first show, I knew this was a place that would encourage my daughter to be the best she could be. Ms. Roberta and her team are first rate professionals. They have created a caring environment, that teaches kids self confidence and to be each others cheerleaders. In a world filled with bullying and where children are so hard on each other, it is refreshing to have my daughter involved in such a warm and nurturing environment. It is now her fourth year at Acting Out and she loves being a part of it!”


Lisa Guarino

“I first came to Acting Out! four years ago. It wasn’t with dreams of Broadway, but to enhance my son’s and daughter’s potential. My daughter had extra energy I wanted to channel in a positive way, and my son was very shy and lacked both confidence and self-esteem. When I came to Mrs. Roberta and Mr. John, I expressed my concerns, especially with my son. They were both welcoming and up for the challenge. My son spoke no louder than a whisper for the first six months. The staff was dedicated to giving him the confidence he needed to believe in himself. Well, by the end of the first year, my sons confidence started to sore. He took it upon himself to write an essay for a contest the Daily News was having. Hundreds of essays were submitted and he won for the borough of Brooklyn. A week later he went on Good Morning America and read his essay in front of a million viewers. This could not have been possible, if it was not for the staff at Acting Out! They gave him the courage and the tools he needed to believe in himself. Acting Out! will always be number one in my book. Thank you all.”


Denise Pagano

“Whether you’re a parent of a rising star or a wallflower this is the place to nourish both. I have been part of this company for five years and so pleased with the results. The real deal…”


Madilyn Rosensweet

“Thank you for all that you have done for Daniel and for going above and beyond for your students. You run a first rate school and you are a pleasure to know.”


Helen Wasserman

“The believers at Acting Out make your child confident at a skill they love to do. They teach the art of acting so well that walking into a room at an audition easy. My son was taught by Roberta and her talented and dedicated team. He was accepted into a Middle School Drama program that was his first choice. He also started booking more commercials since he began with Acting Out as well. Overall great experience. Can’t wait to sign my daughters up!”


Ellen Spivak Alvarez

“Roberta was born to teach people how to ‘Act Out’!! She and her staff are ‘Two Thumbs Up’!!”


Daniel (Former Student)

“I’m glad to be able to … show others how well your program works, as it was the main reason why I was admitted to LaGuardia. Even though I decided not to go, taking lessons with you was an incredibly helpful and enjoyable experience that significantly helped my acting skills.”


Alex Gutarts

“Picture a 12-year-old twerp, wearing a weird hairstyle and braces, carrying around a puberty-stricken voice, and a botched sense of confidence. Believe it or not, four years ago, this kid was me. Prior to receiving vocal training from Roberta I had been yelling and screaming through songs and my vocal chords were shot, but with her help and guidance I have been able to achieve vocal feats I never thought possible. Then it came time to try out for high schools and I realized that I wanted to participate in a drama and musical theater program. I started out with monologue training and was introduced to the teenage acting class. In this class I made many friends and had been introduced to many fantastic teachers/mentors, including: John Isgro, Autumn Hynes, Eugene Solfanelli, Ryan Joseph Nearhoff, Roger Manix, and many others. All these teachers/mentors introduced me to acting and for that I am ever grateful. Due to their influence, I am currently a theater major at the Professional Performing Arts High school, and have decided to pursue acting and musical theater as a profession. I just want to thank everyone from Acting Out! for all they have done for me, and for all their influence for which I am forever in their debt.”


Theresa S

“My daughters took a one week acting class this summer with Acting Out! They were so excited about the class and couldn’t wait to go. They are both shy (one more than the other) and I didn’t think that they would get up on stage and act…. but at the end of the week, they did it! From this one class, they gained more self confidence in a week than ever before! This school is amazing! Everyone there is caring and professional. We will definitely be going back!”


Jessica Hartshorn

“There is a lot of enthusiasm in a small amount of space at this place! My daughter really takes to the lessons, both private and group. I am 100 percent sure we could not have successfully navigated high-school drama auditions without their knowledge, support, and guidance. They are straight shooters and my advice to parents who turn to them for audition help is that you take any pointers they have seriously and respect their direction to your kid, because they really know best what is going to go well in front of judges. Also they are not ALL about audition prep…my daughter still loves going to her weekly class even though auditions have been over for months. The classes are just very fun, and the kids love to be there.”


Amy Bluestone

“We came to Acting Out 2 years ago with no real agenda. Our son was interested in acting but nothing serious. In the past 2 years this mild interest of his has formed into a serious passion. Last week we received our acceptance letter to Mark Twain for the Drama cluster! Roberta, Vera, Justin, Sarah and the staff at Acting Out have been amazing coaches and mentors to our son and we are grateful for this 5 star training that’s offered right here in our neighborhood. Just walk in the studio and you will see the signed photos on the wall of people who took classes there and are now on Broadway!”


We have lots of very exciting things happening here at Acting Out! and we are equally as excited to share them with the rest of the world. From time to time we'll post news and goings-ons for our young acting community! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!