Mischief Makers’ inaugural production

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The Mischief Makers Theatre Company came out of artists’ hunger to create. It all starts with a dream, an idea. An idea to collaborate, to create, to cultivate and ultimately to share. We as teachers spend many hours planting seeds in the minds and hearts of our young students. Year after year we nourish and encourage that seed to grow, and each year we watch the harvest take place as our students step onto the Tantrum Theater stage and perform. But the seed within each of us also needs to be nurtured, and what better place to do it than right here where so much magic takes place.

making mischief

In an actors’ life you come across many talented people. There are some you are immediately drawn to, maybe because of their talent, or their personality (or perhaps both) and you remember that person beyond the show you did with them or the class you took together. It has always been a dream of ours to create a place where all of those people can come together and perform. To bring their separate and distinct talents to an audience and share the magic that theater can truly be. Mischief Makers is the realization of that dream.

We had the space, we had the people, and now, we just finished our inaugural production (read all about it HERE)! We want to invite you on this mischievous journey with us, and to stay tuned to all that is to come. Our mission is to enrich, thrill, and inspire audiences from the age of 4 to 104!

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