Ages: 10-16

Schedule: Monday- Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm

(For your convenience early drop off and late pick up is available)

Location: 7426 15th Ave

Acting Out’s Musical Theatre Boot Camp is an intensive musical theatre program that offers training in acting, dancing, ensemble work, and group singing. Your camper will learn what it is like to be in rehearsal for a Broadway musical: learning scenes, lyrics, and choreography. Throughout the process they will be building the vocal and movement skills necessary to be a strong Broadway style performer, including details like warm-ups, vocal production, and articulation. No experience is necessary to enroll, just a passion to learn and a desire to be involved in what it takes to put together a Broadway musical.

Dates: July 20th – July 31st; Performance on July 31st

Sessions start at 9:00 AM and train until 4:00 PM Monday through Friday. During that time we are committed to creating a safe and comfortable group environment where your camper’s creativity can flourish. We encourage collaboration among our performers and insist that they work together as a group, each individual playing their part in reaching the common goal together.  The programs will culminate in a show for family and friends who will be invited to see the magic first hand at our in-house theatre.

All the World’s a Stage!




“Bravo, what a great show! It was the first time my daughter sang and danced at the same time! The costumes were all so beautiful, your kids are all so special, and the intimacy of your theatre made for a magical night. Congrats to you and your staff!” – Valerie K.

“Lets face it, when you are asked to go to your nieces acting school show , you think “oh god I guess I have to go and be supportive, ok I will grin an bare it’. Well, let me tell you how I now eat my words. This was bar none THE BEST kids performance I have ever seen. Every scene was fantastic. I was totally engaged through this entire production and I left there wanting to see more.” – Paul G.

“Spectacular! The costumes, the acting…everything!!! You can see the hard work and dedication from the teachers and students!” – Meredith R.

“My child’s self confidence has soared thanks to the training and support he received at Acting Out. The warm, welcoming environment they provided for my son was just what he needed to break out of his shell. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” – Pat C.

” My child was always labeled “shy” and “an observer”,  but thanks to Acting Out and their amazing encouragement my daughter has shone like the superstar I always knew she would be. I’m a proud mama and my daughter is even prouder than me!” – Stephanie K.

“My daughter had been performing as a dancer and singer for many years. But thanks to the training she received at Acting Out she has been able to take her skills to a whole new level. Thanks to their experienced and talented staff my daughter learned professional level techniques that she will benefit from forever and had tons of fun to boot!” – Angela K.


Why Acting Out’s Musical Theatre Boot Camp?

Because you’ll learn Broadway-inspired techniques, immerse yourself in the intensive world of musical theatre, make new friends and have lots of fun! Those are the easy answers though, and we understand that committing to a multi-week camp is a decision not only for the campers, but the parent as well. That’s why we’ve put these answers together to address the most frequently asked questions.

Who is teaching my camper?

Only the best in the business, of course! All of the teaching staff at Acting Out are working theater professionals, with Broadway and film credits. They have had extensive training in their field, and are experienced in the business of theater as well as theater education.

How old are the campers, and how many do you accept?

We limit our program at 35 campers to ensure that each individual gets the attention that they deserve. Campers range in age from 9 – 17 years old and will be split into two age groups 9-12 and 13-17.

What if my child has no experience?

Well, do they have the passion, motivation, and dedication to learn? If so, then sign them right up! It’s not the experience that matters; it’s how badly they want it. The best camper is the most committed camper. We are dedicated to teaching the craft of musical theater to any child who exhibits a true passion for the performing arts.

Okay, I’m intrigued. Where and when is this?

All training, rehearsals and the performance will be taking place in our air-conditioned theater space in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn (7426 15th Ave). Camp will begin promptly at 9:00 AM every morning (Monday through Friday) and end each day at 4:00 PM. Parents can begin dropping off campers at 8:45 AM.

Do they get a break for lunch?

Absolutely! We have an eating area, as well as a refrigerator and microwave, so feel free to send your child to camp with snacks for the day. There are also local delis around that your child can go to alone, or be escorted by a teacher, with your permission. Water will be available for your child to purchase throughout the day.

How do you ensure my child’s safety?

Glad you asked, your child’s safety is of the utmost important to us. Our staff is CPR trained and there is a first aid kit on site for any minor accidents. Children will be made of aware of all safety procedures on the first day of camp to help ensure a fun and safe camp experience.

Last question: What should my child wear to camp?

Loose and comfortable clothing, which allows for free movement, and close-toed soft-soled shoes are essential to wear to camp each and every day. This allows your camper to get the most out of the day’s work. If your child owns a pair of dance shoes, these would be great to wear, although they’re certainly not required. Please do not wear hard-soled shoes, jewelry, jeans, or other restrictive clothing.

We hope these answer most of your main questions about what Acting Out’s Musical Theatre Boot Camp is all about. Most of all we want you to know we are committed to giving each of our campers the opportunity to have a joyful, and inspirational experience that will last them a lifetime.

Musical Theatre Bootcamp

Returning for 2020 is our intensive Musical Theatre BootCamp, which was been a huge success year after year! Think you have the skills to survive the drills of our all inclusive musical theater experience? Click here for more info!

Fairy Tale Class

Princesses! Superheroes! Pirates! In this camp students ages K-1 will use story-telling, costume creation, and basic acting to focus on bringing their favorite fairy tales to life. Class will culminate in a sweet performance of skills learned for family and friends.

Duration: August 3-7
Time: 9:30 am – 11:00 am
Age Range: K-1
Cost: $195
No prerequisite.


Intro to Acting Class

This is a great starter class for students who are looking to get their acting legs. Using acting games, improvisation and basic movement and vocal exercises students will gain an understanding for what the world of acting is all about. A great class to help kids feel comfortable working in an ensemble while finding their own voice.

*If you’re looking at having your child audition for a Performing Arts Junior High School (Mark Twain, Bay Academy, P.P.A.S., etc) we highly suggest taking this class over the summer to get a head start.

Duration: August 3-7
Time: 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Age Range: 9-11
Cost: $195
No prerequisite.

Film and T.V.

Students will gain confidence in front of the camera, know what to expect in the audition room and how to prepare for TV/Film and Commercial auditions. This class will cover everything from the basics of slating to making bold, complex choices on-camera.

Duration: August 3-7
Time: 5:00pm – 6:30pm
Age Range: 9 and up
Cost: $195
No prerequisite.


Calling All Characters

Always wanted to play your favorite cartoon, movie or story character? Well then this is the camp for you! In this camp students ages 7-8 will use aspects of story-telling, personality building and basic acting to focus on bringing their favorite characters to life. Class will culminate in a short performance of skills learned for family and friends.

Duration: August 10-14
Time: 9:30am – 11:00am
Age Range: 7-8
Cost: $195
No prerequisite.


Intro to Musical Theater

Young children will learn the beginning aspects of a musical theatre performance (including song, choreography and character) through creative song and dance techniques. Class will culminate in a short performance of skills learned for family and friends.

Duration: August 10-14
Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm
Age Range: 7-8
Cost: $149 ($99 If taken with Calling All Characters)
No prerequisite
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