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Acting Out Classes

Between our two Brooklyn-area locations and our brand new Westfield location, Acting Out is happy to offer an extensive performing arts curriculum for students kindergarten to college.



On honing the craft

My daughter is now a professional actress with Broadway and TV credits, thanks to the wonderful training she got at Acting Out! Acting Out! is an amazing, top-notch place for children and teens to learn acting, singing, or musical theatre. My daughter continues to take lessons there, and we ALWAYS go to Acting Out! for private audition coaching before any important audition. We love Acting Out!

Trudi R.

Prior to receiving vocal training from Roberta I had been yelling and screaming through songs and my vocal chords were shot, but with her help and guidance I have been able to achieve vocal feats I never thought possible. I am currently a theater major at the Professional Performing Arts High school, and have decided to pursue acting and musical theater as a profession. I just want to thank everyone from Acting Out! for all they have done for me, and for all their influence for which I am forever in their debt.

Alex G.

I was so impressed -- not just with the quality of the production but especially with the kids. What really struck me was that they are clearly being trained to play a character -- whereas so many productions at this age level look like kids having memorized lines and going through the motions, the kids were really in character, something that they obviously owe to good coaching! I also thought the format was great -- short pieces that gave all the kids a chance to play a lead part, rather than one big play where most are supporting characters. Thanks again -- Andrew has had a really great experience this year.

Joan W.

Roberta and her team at Acting Out are the best. They know their craft inside and out and are extremely professional. Every minute at their studio is 100% quality and well worth it. Our son Jake has been acting for years appearing on commercials and television shows which includes Celebrity Ghost Stories and Saturday Night Live. He definitely benefited from the expert instruction at Acting Out. We highly recommended them.

Jared S.

I saw the production Summer Sci-Fi Thriller, 3 times this weekend. My Granddaughter Adrienna was in this production. Five weeks ago she started the Summer Boot Camp, a first timer for an extensive production. She went from little girl who loves to sing and dance, to a poised performer under the lights. This eclectic group of children of various ages and experience, wowed the audience each time. Hats off and a Standing Ovation to the entire Staff and of course the young performers. Bravo, Brava!

Tom R.

The most dedicated, honest, sincere and of course talented teacher[s] you will ever meet. I am so happy I found you five years ago. My older daughter got into Murrow High School Drama with your help. Now it’s her younger brother enjoying the drama and vocal classes. I have to say I was skeptical about my son’s abilities to act; I thought he was too shy and his speech is not always clear. Ms. Roberta has proved me wrong, very wrong. Acting Out has some of the best teachers; they really care about their students and I am so happy that we are a part of it. And it’s never about the money. The fees are very reasonable and the teachers all put extra time in with no extra pay. It's obvious that they love what they do.

Julie S.

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