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Thank you for choosing Acting Out for your birthday celebration! We are so excited to host you

for your big day! Please review our party package options as well as our cost breakdowns.

Option 1: The Broadway Musical Birthday Party

Dazzle your guests with a musical theater-themed party where the birthday girl or boy takescenter stage!

The Musical Theatre party package includes:

● Musical Master – Your party will be led by our Musical Master, a real theater professional with experience in acting, dancing, and singing in shows! They will guide you and your guests through an unforgettable and show-stopping party experience.

● Learning the lyrics to your favorite song – choose a show and our Musical Master will teach you and your party guests the original words to a song from the show you have chosen. Need help choosing a show? Our Musical Master can offer suggestions before the date of the party!

● Dance to your favorite song – our Musical Master will then teach you and your guests the choreography from the Broadway show you have chosen for your party!

● Receive a video of your final performance! (optional)

* All materials are selected from your show of choice and led by a professional actor

* Ages 7 and up

Option 2: The Improv Birthday Party

Your guests will bust their guts laughing playing improv and theater games at your unforgettable birthday party!

The Improv party package includes:

● Improv Party Pro – Your party will be led by our Improv Party Pro, a real working professional actor. They will guide you and your guests through a fun and hilarious party experience.

● Improv Games – develop your improv skills through fun games and improv activities

● Using your creativity to create hilarious scenes while thinking on your feet

● Learning how to recover when things go wrong! Anything can happen in live theater, discover what professional actors do when things go awry!

* Ages 7+

Option 3: The TV and Film Birthday Party

Your guests are ready for their close-ups, Mr. Director! Get on camera with your friends and film an epic original comedic birthday scene.

The TV and Film Birthday Party package includes:

● Screen Specialist – Your party will be led by our Screen Specialist, a real working professional actor with experience in commercials, TV, and movies. They will guide you and your guests through a picture-perfect party.

● Improvisation games to kick off the festivities

● Cast and perform our original Birthday Sitcom Scene to film at your party alongside all of your guests

● Age 7+

Option 4: The Fairytale Birthday Party

Over the river and through the woods to the birthday party we go! Immerse your friends in a world of make-believe and fairytales.

The Fairytale Birthday Party package includes:

● Fairy Godmother – Your party will be led by your very own Fairy Godmother from Fairytale Land. She has come all the way to make sure that your birthday is as special as can be.

● Pirate Captain – Your party will be led by your very own Pirate Captain from Fairytale Land. He has sailed across the seven seas just for your big day.

● Dress-up – You and your guests will have full access to our supply of costumes. Princess dresses, pirate outfits, animal costumes, and more! Choose your favorite and dress up as your dream fairytale character.

● Fairytale games – Scavenger hunts, make-believe, and races!

● Dance party – Your Fairy Godmother or Pirate Captain will gather up all of your favorite songs to play as you and your guests dance in our enchanted ballroom.

● Ages- 4-6


Costs and Breakdown

What You Get

We can host up to 25 children – $549 for 10 children (+$30 for every additional child). 

Editing charge for Musical theater party video add-on – $60 (optional)

All parties include:

  • Attentive party hosts
  • A Red Carpet with stanchions
  • Themed table decor with your child’s name appearing on Marquee
  • Acting Out Step and Repeat for photos
  • Paper plates, forks, tablecloths & napkins for party guests
  • 2 Pizzas from Out of Hand Pizza and 20 Juice Boxes
  • Birthday Boy/Girl gets their own Oscar at the end of their party!
  • 60 minutes of your Musical Theater, Film and TV, Improv, or Fairytale party
  • 15 minutes of pizza and 15 minutes of cake!

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! Our party hosts will ensure that the space is set up for you and your guests so you can sit back and enjoy. You are advised to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled party if there are any extra things you want set up.

We can recommend some lovely places for you to get a cake in town, but currently we do not provide dessert (cupcakes, cake, etc.) or water for the children.

You can but please keep in mind we already have a fully fleshed-out theme as this is a
theater party! If your child likes a specific show theme, say Hamilton or Mean Girls, then we would do a song, a scene, or an improv from that specific show, so their theme is incorporated!

If there is a food allergy, the food must be ordered separately by the guest/parent. Please let us know so we are aware.

If you are having a Musical Theater party it is highly recommended that all children wear a closed-toe shoe with no heel and comfortable clothing. All of our other parties require clothing that is comfortable to move in.

We prefer that party guests are dropped off by parents. However, if there are additional adults attending the party, please let us know (food and beverage will be an extra cost).

No, we will reach out the week prior to your scheduled party to confirm a final headcount!

Tips are not included and greatly appreciated, after the party they can be added to the balance or paid in cash to our party hosts.

Want your favorite teacher? You can request Ms. Langley, Mr. Nic or Ms. Stevie. Special teacher requests are a $50 additional cost.

If you have any questions that are not addressed here or on our website, please reach out to us!

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Check our Facebook page: Acting Out Premiere Acting School
Follow us on Tiktok: @actingoutschool

Terms and Conditions

A $250 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required upon booking to hold the date and time.

Total final headcount must be received at least 3 days prior to the party. Patrons are responsible to pay the total final headcount even if there are last minute cancellations. We can always accommodate last minute extra guests. The balance will be available and payable at the end of your party. Balance is due on the day of the party. Payments must be made by Credit Card or Cash.

Thank you for choosing Acting Out Studio! We can’t wait to make your party dramatically fabulous!

Birthday Parties