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JR. High Audition Prep


By enrolling in our junior high audition prep your child will greatly enhance their chances of landing a spot in one of NY’s performing arts middle schools. Young students will gain early exposure to:

  • One on One monologue or vocal coaching
  • Audition techniques 
  • Developing essential performing arts skills
  • Building confidence in their abilities which will help them stand out during the audition process

These classes also provide a supportive environment for growth, collaboration, and personal expression. Ultimately, they help young performers lay a strong foundation for their continued journey in the performing arts from junior high and beyond.

As part of the Junior High Prep process we highly recommend your child take part in our group class to prepare for the audition.

The group class will feature techniques such as:

  • Cold reading
  • Improvisation

… and more to ensure your child will be ready for the audition day.

Requirements for each audition change from year to year, but this class will give your child all the tools they need so they are prepared for it all!


  • DATE: Tuesday September 12th-Dec 5th.
    • (There will be no class on October 31st/Halloween)
  • TIME: 4:00-5:15 pm on Tuesdays
  • PRICE: $650 with a $35 registration fee
  • You MUST take the class in addition to private lessons.
  • Prorated for students who join after classes start.
  • Please call to schedule your MANDATORY private lessons.

For more information please fill out our online contact form below or call us at:

Brooklyn Location: (718) 236-6494 

Westfield Location: (908) 379-8119

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