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Little Stars (Grades K-1)
& Big Stars (Grades 2-3)

Early Childhood Acting Classes. Children Will Learn Beginning Acting Techniques Such As:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Working As a Team
  • Movement for the Stage
  • Theatre Voice
  • Creative Imagination
  • Improvisation

Beyond the Basics I-II (Grades 4-5)

  • Character Study & Development
  • Improvisation
  • Basic Scene Work
  • Theatre Voice
  • Blocking
  • The Five Senses

Intermediate Acting (Grades 6)

  • Embody the Animal
  • More Advanced Character
  • Development
  • More Advanced Scene Study
  • Vocal Clarity & Projection
  • Beginner Dialect
  • Auto Drama

Breakthrough Class (Grade 7)

  • This class incorporates all styles of acting techniques. Learning to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is essential For the “Too Cool for the Room” tweens who really want to be actors. This is a challenging class that helps break down the walls of the pre-teen/teen years.
  • This class is a must for seventh graders who plan to audition for performing arts high schools next year!

Teen Acting I (8th Grade HS Audition Prep)

  • Improvisation
  • Cold reading
  • Interview skills
  • Trusting yourself in the audition process
  • Risk-taking
  • Playing the action
  • Physical warm-up – focus, grounding, relaxation

Teen Acting II (High School level)

  • Emotional Preparation
  • Advanced Scene Study
  • Meisner Technique
  • Understanding how to work “in the moment”
  • Physical warm-up
  • Advanced Vocal/Dialect Work
  • Private Moments
  • Your Body, Your Instrument: Advanced

Musical Theater

Little Songbirds (Ages Grades K-1) & Big Songbirds (Grades 2-3)

The young voice needs to be treated gently. We have specifically designed these classes with the young musical theatre performer in mind. The class is a fun way for children to safely begin finding their singing voice and start learning aspects of musical theatre performance through creative song and dance techniques.

Musical Theatre I, II, III

Musical Theatre I – Grades 4 & 5

Musical Theatre II – Grades 6 & 7

Musical Theatre III – Grades 8+

  • The Art of Breathing, Singing and Dancing
  • Knowing You Vocal Range
  • Harmonizing
  • Projection
  • Choosing The Right Song for Auditions
  • Why the Character Sings the Song
  • Identifying Your Type
  • Understanding the Process of Ensemble
  • Professional Musical Theatre


Singing Lessons

Over the years, Acting Out! instructors have trained hundreds of vocal students. Many of these students have gone on to perform on Broadway, in Off-Broadway productions, and national tours. Others have landed television and radio spots, as well as recording contracts.

Offered: By appointment all week at both locations

Before enrolling your child in private singing lessons, we will provide you with a free vocal evaluation to properly assess your child’s individual needs.

Lessons will include:

  • Focusing on vocal technique
  • Proper breathing
  • Understand and develop a relationship with your voice
  • Overcoming high-note fear and performance anxiety

Songwriting (Seasonal Workshop)

  • This is a beginning class on the practices and technique of songwriting. Melody, lyrics, “hooks,” points of view and song form will be covered.
  • Solo writing as well as the concept of collaboration are introduced.
  • Participants will work individually and in small groups.
  • Your child will learn to execute conventional song structure in various genres (pop, musical theatre, folk, etc.), what makes a song “popular”, the fundamentals of lyrics writing, how to use technology to “fill out” a song, and much more.

Audition PrepARATION

Voice & Movement (8th Grade HS Audition Prep)

  • An ABSOLUTE must for any student preparing to audition for a performing arts high school.
  • This class will help the student realize their full potential by getting them in touch with their voice and body and learning how to get them to work together as one instrument.
  • Through a combination of intense vocal and physical exercise work students will learn what it feels like to really let go of their inhibitions and get in touch with their true feelings and allow them to fuel their monologues fire.
  • We also offer ongoing private audition coaching.

Cold Reading (5th Grade JHS Audition Prep, Sept. through Jan.)

A cold reading is when a script is given to an actor to look over just minutes before an audition. During this class, your child will learn how to identify the given circumstances: who, what, where, when, and why. They will also develop skills to help them make choices, listen to their partners, and create a character. A good dramatic cold reader is able to communicate and bring out the intent, mood, and characterization of a piece through articulation and body language.

Theatre Tech (8th Grade HS Audition Prep)

  • If your child is interested in getting behind-the-scenes of theatre and is looking to audition for Technical Theatre programs in the Performing Arts High Schools, this is the class to take!
  • Creating a scale model can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have it be – with proper guidance and instruction students will learn how to bring their grandest visions to fruition with a completed scale model ready for their audition!
  • In addition, students will become fluent with technical theatre terms, putting them in a position to be able to comfortably and professionally complete tasks as set out for them during their audition.


Film & Television (Seasonal Workshop)

  • For students who are ready to find out what it takes to exit the wings and hit their mark!
  • Students will gain confidence in front of the camera, learn on-camera audition techniques, and develop the necessary skills to be able to translate their acting technique to the medium of TV/film.
  • Students will have the opportunity to work on commercial scripts, TV & Film scenes and monologues on camera.
  • Everyone will receive video clips of work done in class at the end of the semester.
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